YMI transforms your message into a dynamic learning experience.


YMI’s educational outreach programs are customized to meet each client’s individual needs and objectives. Marketers choose YMI to:

  • Introduce a new product
  • Launch a sales promotion
  • Build brand awareness and increased brand loyalty
  • Generate store traffic
  • Increase viewership
  • Create public awareness


At YMI, we work in partnership with our clients, providing the in-school marketing expertise to achieve your goals.

  1. We begin every project by meeting with key personnel to define your advertising, marketing, promotional, and communications objectives.
  2. We help you define your target audience by demographic profile and identify the educators who can deliver that audience.
  3. We evaluate the educational needs of these educators to find learning opportunities that dovetail with your objectives.
  4. We develop an integrated strategic outreach campaign that engages your target audience and achieves your objectives through a dynamic learning experience.


YMI conducts in-depth follow-up research for every outreach campaign. Clients receive a feedback report that measures usage and provides verbatim educator response to the program. YMI also conducts a detailed follow-up survey for every program, and presents the results in a formal report. And we provide ongoing analytics for digital programs, tracking visitors, page views, downloads, and email response.


  • 96% of teachers rate the educational quality of YMI programs excellent to very good.
  • 93% of teachers rate the student appeal of YMI programs excellent to very good.
  • 86% of teachers use YMI outreach programs within 3 weeks of delivery.

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